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Ruined City Princess (GLOG Class: Braid)

a braid at the height of royalty
There is no shortage of royalty in the City: prisoner-princes from distant lands; the Made Saints; actual, full-blooded Gods walking around with daggers and pocket-watches.

But the City has its own royalty: the strange, privileged few who may drink of its sap without turning into purple smoke. Beloved sons and daughters, not of ancient kings, but of the City itself. The anfractuous Braids, for whom all the world may unravel.

(inspired by/straight up stolen from FifthDragon's Princess and Loch's Sacred One)

(this class is!!!! messy!!!!! but i need to clear space in my brain for something else. If nothing else, it is an expression of my strong belief that rpgs are better when characters smooch each other)

(i'm not sure if the class needs root memory at all but you can judge for yourself)

Start with: Golden knitting needles; latticework sword; besotted knight.
+1 Will and +1 Glamour per Template
A - Scion, Strands
B - Root Memory
C - Knight-Errant
D - Inosculate, +3 MD

With each template, choose another aspect of Royalty to manifest.

  1. Stag's horns are on your brow. You can speak to anything with hooves.
  2. Your eyes are golden pools. You are incapable of fear.
  3. Your blood is thick blue sap. Those who draw your blood must Save or prostrate themselves.
  4. A halo of sunlight is around your head, unless you are in total darkness.
  5. Your mouth is full of fangs and tusks. Your bite deals 1d6.
  6. You roar as a lion. Your voice cannot be silenced or drowned out.
  7. You are twice as tall as you should be.
  8. You can start fires by spitting on them.
  9. Your tears raise dead Knights for a fleeting moment.
  10. You are hot to the touch. Falling water turns to steam just before touching you.
  11. You can break or abate curses with a kiss. When you do, Save or bear the curse yourself.
  12. A pair of tiny, capable, childlike arms hangs from your torso.

A: Scion
You serve an enormous holy tree with an agenda, the highest authority in Cath Celdaenn, with the following effects:

  • You are neither human nor animal, but divine. It is a sin to cause you bodily harm.
  • You read 2000 words per minute, and solve complex equations instantly and instinctually.
  • You can speak with trees, snakes, streams, and other winding things.

A: Strands
You have long, luxurious hair that can't be tangled, dirtied, trapped, or cut, even by your own hand. You can use your hair as very fine rope (up to 20' per template) while it is attached to your head, and are adept at complex knot-work and weaving. Knots in your hair come undone with a snap of your fingers.

B: Root Memory
When dreaming, drunk, high or otherwise in altered perception, you can send your soul to the Root Memory, a monolithic ruined courtyard at the foot of an enormous ash. There, you may speak in secret with other Braids, and leave messages for each other.

You can bring people to the Root Memory as visitors, by sleeping next to them, getting drunk from the same wine, high from the same chemic, etc.

Other Braids can banish visitors you bring, and vice versa.

C: Knight-Errant
Knights tend to fall madly in love with you. They will defend your honor, keep any promises made to you with their life, and drop in at inopportune moments with strange gifts. PCs are immune to this, if they so wish.

Knights don't tolerate romantic competition from other knights; it always ends in a duel to the death. The exception is if they are perfect foils of and at least a little bit attracted to one another, in which case there may be two.

Once per season, you can sit in an empty grove and sing to call a new knight to you.

D: Inosculate
You learn languages, skills, spells, and weapon arts twice as fast.

d8 Example Knights

  1. She is a nameless knight of the Red Sun. Impassive, gentle, dreams of riding a wolf like Saint Cay but is distrusted by animals. A skilled weaver. Gives furs as gifts.
  2. They are Hidon of the Black Sun. Devoted, deranged, won't shut up about the dark side of the sun. Can leap great distances. Gives flowers as gifts.
  3. He is Amir-Ek of the Peacock. A skilled gunsmith. Tragically romantic, bad at talking but good at writing. Gives poetry as gifts.
  4. He is Orim of the Misty Garden. A skeleton, and thus mute. Morose, distracted, good with kids. Rides a giant woodlouse. Gives ancient coinage as gifts.
  5. She is Ragheel of the Black Knights. Doting, nervous, will carry you across a puddle. Can kick down an iron door. Gives severed hands as gifts.
  6. She is Moira of... she'd rather not say. Aloof, edgy, quick to suspect fowl play. A skilled equestrian. Gives understated jewelry as gifts.
  7. They are Ilios of the Limpid Order. Stunningly beautiful, quick to make a joke. Can breathe underwater. Gives sea glass as gifts.
  8. He is Morg of the Pale. Mutters and mumbles to himself about the end of the world, terrifyingly violent. Can't be surprised. Gives carved driftwood as gifts.

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