Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Logistical Nightmare That Is This Winter

I made a short TTRPG as a final project for my Apocalyptic Literature class (my first real dungeon pdf!!!!!). Not my finest work, but maybe worth expanding on in the future?

Credit to my girlfriend for the name (definitely the best part of the whole thing).

Monday, December 7, 2020

Fox Wizards

Frogs for Breakfast, by Bonnie Marris

A follow-up to this post.

You were abducted by a fox in early life. Maybe you escaped the den, or maybe the fox took a liking to you. Regardless, they already got what they wanted from you.

Perk: You start the game with a simple container (jar, sack, chest, or locket) containing fox space.

(Fox space is extra-dimensional space grounded in the realm of the fae; basically a bag of holding. Fox space exists only as long as you are conscious; if you fall unconscious, everything inside jettisons out of the container. You can’t maintain more than 10^[Wizard Templates] square feet of fox space at a time.)

Drawback: You possess the wide-eyed innocence of a child, and are deeply suggestible and impressionable. You have only 3 years to live.


  1. With an hour’s work, you can create fox space inside a mundane container.
  2. With a gesture, an object you touch becomes delicious, albeit not nutritious. Most animals will know better than to eat obviously inedible objects.
  3. If a creature consents, you can consume their lifespan through physical contact at a rate of 10 years per minute. Every 10 years you consume adds 1 month to your lifespan.


  1. You lose your lifespan. You only have a month to live.
  2. You lose your lifespan. You only have a day to live. From now on, every 10 years you consume adds 1 week to your lifespan.
  3. You lose your lifespan. You only have an hour to live. From now on, every 10 years you consume adds 1 day to your lifespan.


  1. Knock
  2. Wealdway
  3. Betwixt
  4. Feather
  5. Gekkering
  6. Fox’s Feast
  7. Unassuming Guise
  8. Sleep
  9. Read Minds
  10. Abduction
  11. Invisibility
  12. Fox Fingers

You create a door to your fox space for [dice] hours. The size of the door is based on the doorframe you choose.

Choose two objects you can see within 100^[dice] ft of each other. Until the end of your next turn, treat those objects as adjacent to each other.

You speak with the tongue of foxes for [sum] minutes, as if barely containing your laughter. Creatures who hear your voice become more trusting; you roll an additional d6 for reaction rolls.

Fox’s Feast
A creature you can see ages [sum] years. Alternatively, an object you can see ages [sum]^2 years.

Unassuming Guise
Choose a unit of time (seconds/weeks/decades/etc). You transform into an inanimate object of your approximate size for [sum] of those time units. As an object, you do not age and can observe the world around you. You cannot end your transformation before your time is up. If the object would be broken, the transformation ends.

You grab an object or creature and pull it into your fox space for [sum] - their HD rounds. If they don’t fit in your fox space, random items are jettisoned into the space the target once occupied until they do.

Fox Fingers
You reach out and touch another creature. For [sum] rounds, you have full control of your target’s actions (no Save) so long as you remain in direct physical contact with them. This works through clothes, armor, and saddles, but not through shields or brick walls.

By AspenEyes