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"this is but one of the roads a man can walk to lose his humanity"
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You made are currently making a deal with a devil. You can trade pretty much anything for power: hit dice (and the associated HP), class abilities, significant memories, favors, artifacts, the lives of loved ones, etc. You get that much Debt in return.

This is the only way to become a Warlock.

As a Warlock, you have access to Pact Magic (per RAW). Your known cantrips and spells, spell slots and slot levels are as if you had a number of Warlock levels determined by your Debt (see table). You don't gain any other features, proficiencies, or HD/HP.


While in Debt to your Patron, you appear as their alignment to magical detection. When you die, your Patron will do whatever they want with your soul.

Make a sacrifice and roll d1000 under your Debt to ask special favors of your Patron.


Your Patron's origin still expands your spell list (per RAW). All other Warlock class features—invocations, boons, mystic arcanum, patronage features—are unlocked thru loyal, if reluctant, service to your Patron. Think of them as side-quests.

Anyone can do these things, and receive the benefits just the same. Warlocks are just more likely to know what and how to do them.

 The Chain

Δ: Pact of the Chain
Feed one of your fingers to a small, stupid beast.
The beast is now your familiar (as per find familiar). Additionally, you may have it attack in your stead.

Δ: Voice of the Chain Master
Feed your tongue to your familiar.
You may communicate telepathically with and speak through your familiar.

Δ: Gift of the Ever-Living Ones
Feed your kidney to your familiar.
Your familiar is immune to poison, disease, and aging.

Δ: Investment of the Chain Master
Feed your heart to your familiar.
Your familiar can fly, cast spells, and resists all nonmagical harm.

The Tome

Δ: Pact of the Tome
Sacrifice the following by whispering them into a grimoire: your dearest memory, your darkest memory, and your last conversation with a loved one.
The grimoire becomes a Book of Shadows containing three cantrips. Anything written in a Book of Shadows is forgotten. Your Patron keeps the lost memories.

Δ: Book of Ancient Secrets
Convince another spellcaster to write their name in your Book of Shadows.
You may cast any two 1st-level spells from their class as rituals.

Δ: Far Scribe
Collect seven names in your Book of Shadows.
You may cast sending to any target who has written its name in your Book of Shadows at will.

Δ: Gift of the Protectors
Collect the names of a king, a giant, and a dragon in your Book of Shadows.
The first time a creature that has written its name on your Book of Shadows would die, they don't. The second time they die, your Patron does whatever they want with their soul.

The Blade

Δ: Pact of the Blade

Kill someone who has promised you godparent-hood of their next-born child.
The weapon which dealt the killing blow is now a pact weapon; it counts as magical and is always on your person, even when it isn't. It always looks as it did on that night.

Δ: Eldritch Smite
Kill something Huge or larger.
You may spend a spell slot to deal 1d8+1d8/spell slot additional force damage with your pact weapon. You also knock the target prone if it's Huge or smaller.

Δ: Thirsting Blade
Kill a person in a position of authority. Then, gain their position of authority.
When you attack with your pact weapon, you make an additional attack.

Δ: Lifedrinker
Kill everything within a day's travel of your seat of power.

Your pact weapon deals +CHA necrotic damage.

The Talisman

Δ: Pact of the Talisman
Dig up the body of someone you loved. Weave what remains—fingers, hair, and such—into a talisman.
The wearer of your talisman may cast spells as a Warlock as if they were you. They could be mistaken for the deceased at first blush.

Δ: Rebuke of the Talisman
Someone dies while wearing your talisman.
When the wearer of your talisman is harmed, you may deal CHA psychic damage to everyone around them as a reaction.

Δ: Protection of the Talisman
The third person dies while wearing your talisman.
The wearer of your talisman may add 1d4 to their next roll. If they do, subtract 1d4 from your next roll.

Δ: Bond of the Talisman
One thousand leagues apart, you and the wearer of your talisman simultaneousy imbibe a deadly poison.
You may teleport to your talisman at will. The wearer of your talisman may teleport to the warlock at will.

...And The Rest

Δ: Accursed Specter
Keep three ghosts in bottles.
When you kill something, you may instantly raise it as a mad specter with no sense of loyalty.

Δ: Agonizing Blast
Drive 13 nails thru your extremities. Wear them at all times.
Your eldritch blast deals +CHA damage.

Δ: Among the Dead
Sleep in a corpse's arms every day for a month. If you willingly touch another living person, you must do this again.
Undead won't attack you unless you attack them first.

Δ: Armor of Hexes
Curse a single creature six different ways at once.
Creatures you have cursed cannot harm you.

Δ: Armor of Shadows
Convince a truly good person to tattoo The Ten Blasphemies on your body.
You may cast mage armor at will.

Δ: Ascendant Step
Walk a mile on the backs of others. If any of them look at you, start over. If your feet ever touch the ground, you must do this again.
You may levitate at will.

Δ: Aspect of the Moon
Remove your eyelids.
You don't need to sleep. You can never, ever sleep.

Δ: Beast Speech
Feed your tongue to the beast of your Patron's choice.
You may speak with animals at will.

Δ: Beguiling Defenses
Convince a powerful spellcaster that they are not a spellcaster.
If you would be charmed by another, you charm them instead.

Δ: Beguiling Influence
Replace one of your eyes with that of a person in high standing.
You are proficient in Deception and Persuasion.

Δ: Bewitching Whispers
Every night, for a week, whisper curses into the ear of a person who doesn't know you exist.
You may cast compulsion. 

Δ: Chains of Carceri
Chain your hands together for a year. If you are unchained, start over.

You may cast hold monster on any celestial, fiend, or elemental at will.

Δ: Cloak of Flies
Eat only rotten food for a week. Never, ever bathe.
You are heralded by a swarm of insects. You have advantage on Intimidation checks and disadvantage on all other Charisma checks. Anything standing next to you takes CHA poison damage.

Δ: Create Thrall
Cut their tongue out while they sleep, and replace it with your own.
The sleeping creature becomes your mindless thrall.

Δ: Dark One's Blessing
Eat nothing you don't kill.
When you kill something, gain HP equal to your Warlock level.

Δ: Devil's Sight
For each and every meal, for a week, eat an eyeball. If you miss a meal,
you must do this again.
You see thru darkness as if it were daylight.

Δ: Dreadful Word
Insult seven men with noble titles to their faces in their courts. Then, evade the consequences.
You may cast confusion.

Δ: Eldritch Mind
Offer your mind as a seedbed for an otherworldly being.
You have advantage on checks to maintain Concentration.

Δ: Eldritch Sight
Burn one of your eyes out staring at a distant star.
You detect magic with your eyes.

Δ: Eldritch Spear
Deface the highest church in the land. If it is repaired, you must do this again.
The range of eldritch blast increases to 300 ft.

Δ: Eyes of the Rune Keeper
Hide one of your eyes in a room with at least one thousand books in it. No one else may know of this.
You can read all writing.

Δ: Fathomless Plunge
Touch the lowest point on the ocean floor.
If the moon is full, you may drag yourself and everyone around you underwater, surfacing in a body of water you've seen before.

Δ: Fey Presence
Get everyone at a masquerade ball to kiss your ring.
You may charm or frighten all nearby creatures at will.

Δ: Fiendish Resilience
At the brink of death, do not allow your wounds to close for a week. Then, cauterize them yourself.
You resist whichever damage type brought you to the brink.

Δ: Fiendish Vigor
Fake your death, then have someone else buried in your stead.
You may cast false life at will.

Δ: Gaze of Two Minds
Replace a creature's cerebrospinal fluid with your own.
You may perceive the world thru that creature's senses.

Δ: Ghostly Gaze
Lose one of your eyes to grave rot.
You can see through solid objects.

Δ: Gift of the Depths
Drown someone. When their body leaves the water, you must do this again.
You can breathe underwater.

Δ: Grasp of Hadar
Wear two hands around your neck, fingers laced and thumbs touching.

When you hit a creature with eldritch blast, drag it 10 feet towards you.

Δ: Hurl Through Hell
Kill a man from ten league's distance with a stone.
Anything you throw passes through Hell on the way.

Δ: Lance of Lethargy
Do not stand or sit upright for ten days. If you ever take a single step, you must do this again.
When you hit a creature with eldritch blast, reduce its speed by 10 feet.

Δ: Maddening Hex
Go naked, except for mud and pigments.
You may deal CHA psychic damage to anything near a creature you have cursed at will.

Δ: Mask of Many Faces
Live as a deceased person of your Patron's choosing for a year. If you are discovered, start over.
You may disguise self at will.

Δ: Master of Hexes
Orchestrate the extinction of a species or family line.
When you kill a cursed creature, the curse spreads to their close friends and family.

Δ: Master of Myriad Forms
Live as a deceased person of your Patron's choosing for ten years. If you are discovered, start over.
You may alter self at will.

Δ: Minions of Chaos
Lead two children to become Warlocks under your Patron. Every month, you must do this again, each time with one more child.
You may cast conjure elemental.

Δ: Mire the Mind
Stand in the center of one hundred men and women under the influence of psychoactives.

You may cast slow.

Δ: Misty Escape
Escape confinement on three separate planes of existence.
When you take damage, turn invisible and teleport 60 feet in a random direction. You are vulnerable to iron.

Δ: Misty Visions
Every night, for a week, steal one precious thing from a person who doesn't know you exist.
You may cast silent image at will.

Δ: Mystic Arcanum
Etch a spellcaster's skull and wear it on your waist.
Choose a spell known by the skull's owner. Once, you may cast it without expending a spell slot. The arcanum then crumbles into black sand.

Δ: Oceanic Soul
Be the sole survivor of a maritime accident.
You resist cold damage. When you are fully submerged, any creature that is also fully submerged can understand your speech, and you can understand theirs.

Δ: One with Shadows
Every night, for a week, sleep under the bed of a person who doesn't know you exist.
If you do not move, you are invisible in dim light or darkness.

Δ: Otherworldly Leap
Freefall for an hour.

You may cast jump at will.

Δ: Relentless Hex
Stare at someone for a day and a night. If you lose sight of them, look away, or blink, start over.

You may appear behind a creature you have cursed at will.

Δ: Repelling Blast
Face rejection from a friend, a lover, a family member, and a god. If you ever reconcile with any of them, you must do this again.

When you hit a creature with eldritch blast, push it 10 feet away from you.

Δ: Sculptor of Flesh
Craft an effigy of the highest authority in the land, and place it on the throne. For a week, everyone must treat the effigy as if it were
the highest authority in the land.
You may cast polymorph.

Δ: Searing Vengeance
Brand yourself 66 times with the name of another as an angel watches.
When you die, explode, dealing massive radiant damage to and blinding everyone within a mile radius.

Δ: Shroud of Shadow
Let no living person know what your bare skin, hair, or eyes look like.
You may cast invisibility at will.

Δ: Sign of Ill Omen
Gather one hundred crows inside a circle of salt.
You may cast bestow curse.

Δ: Spirit Projection
Lower your internal body temperature to freezing, then exhale for an hour into a dreamcatcher.
You can force your spirit out of your body. It's intangible, can fly, and can possess unsuspecting creatures.

Δ: Tentacle of the Deep
Feed one of your legs to a creature of the deep.
You may summon spectral tentacles and command them to attack at will. They deal cold damage.

Δ: Thief of Five Fates
Steal everything another person owns. EVERYTHING.
You may cast bane. 

Δ: Thought Shield
Replace your skull with a sturdy, mirror-reflective material.
Your mind can't be read. When you take psychic damage, deal half that damage to the attacker instead.

Δ: Tomb of Levistus
Burn a house down around you, then survive the fire without moving.
When you are harmed, gain 10 temporary HP per Warlock level and become immobile until the danger passes. You are vulnerable to fire. 

Δ: Trickster's Escape
Escape public execution thrice.
You may cast freedom of movement.

Δ: Undying Servitude
Dig up a graveyard. Bring one bone from each body to their former home and throw it into the hearth.
You may cast animate dead.

Δ: Visions of Distant Realms
Drop one of your eyes into the Astral Sea.
You may cast arcane eye at will.

Δ: Whispers of the Grave
Open a coffin. Leave your tongue in the occupant's mouth.

You may speak with dead at will.

Δ: Witch Sight
Wash your eyes with boiling water.
You see thru shapeshifters and illusions of all kinds.

you knew it was coming


  1. Seems like growing a large number of your own eyes and tongues is the best technique to otherworldly power. Nice!

  2. This is super neat, if you ever end up writing ones for the other 5e classes I'd actually be tempted to run it

  3. I think you're quoting Luke Gearing's description for a dragon from "Monsters &&&&"

    1. Gaaaaah yes you're totally right it's Gearing! I remember he did a bunch of posts with that quote at the end, and it always stuck with me. Thanks :>