Sunday, October 31, 2021

GLOGtober Day 7: Wandering Monsters First

Take all your floating ideas and turn them into a wandering monster table. What kind of dungeon does this table correspond to?

Inspired by my Inktober sketches (2d6):

2. Amanita Angel
3. The Eponymous Lump
4. Myconids investigating an abandoned washing machine
5. Toaster Ghosts (1d4+1, leave grill marks)
6. Pizza Rat (solo boss monster)
7. Myconids tending their rotgardens (2d6+3)
8. Myconids kissing a dead crocodile (1d4)
9. Atomic Possum
10. Myconids holding communion (1d6+1)
11. Antidryad (a woodsman with a harem of 1d6+1 angry trees)
12. Abandoned Sewer Croco-Dragon

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