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Below are 8 styles for Loch's Duelist.

BE WARNED! All of them are remixes of styles found in the original post or here or here. I refuse to do any more work than I have to!!! I want to play with stolen content!! I am a lazy lazy man!!!!

Each style can be learned for free if you belong to the right House. (i have left the styles unlabeled as a fun little puzzle, and certainly not out of laziness.)

Ψ - Hellenitsu
The “ultimate combat style for gentle folk”, invented by Lady Hadford Hellen after three years abroad in the far Western colony of Badasqua. Eventually perfected by beating the shit out of Eldon street toughs until she was satisfied; she was arrested twelve times in the process.
You may have learned it from a Hellenist at a party, or from one of her self-defense manuals.

  1. Stance: Sovereign Style – You parry attacks from other fighters with a d8. Fighters can’t save against your techniques.
  2. Technique: Umbrella – When you land an attack, you may yoink whatever they’re holding out of their hands. Fighters get a save.
  3. Technique: Overcoat – When you parry an attack, you may ensnare their weapon in a cloak or other piece of clothing, disarming them. Fighters get a save.
  4. Technique: Roundhouse Kick – You may forgo both of your attacks to aim a big ol’ kick at their big ol’ head. If it hits, you deal exactly 8 damage and knock your opponent away or prone. Fighters and massive foes may save to keep their footing.

Ψ - Catholic
The palace style of Catlan. Adheres to their strict moral code of self-preservation (you belong to your father, mother, and God before yourself, so it is your responsibility to protect their investment). Defensive, sometimes overly so, but capable of great cruelty. Requires a small dagger in the offhand.
You may have learned it from a sword-chaplain, or from a small sky-blue book.
  1. Technique: Quick Step – You may dodge a single attack flawlessly.
  2. Stance: Control – You parry with a d8 and can’t be disarmed.
  3. Stance: Punishment – You deal +2 damage to anyone who has tried to harm you or someone you are sworn to protect.
  4. Stance: See Guilt – Shame, guilt and embarrassment appear to you as blue-black smoke.

Ψ - Bear Standard
A dramatic two-handed style. Originally developed for killing bears, later stigmatized by its association with executioners in the post-Glorian eras.
You may have learned it from an executioner, or from a standing stone in rural West-of-Spine.
  1. Technique: Ambush – When attacking a target that can’t see you, you have advantage and deal double damage.
  2. Stance: Walk Lightly – You are invisible in foliage and leave no footprints.
  3. Stance: Eat Well – You deal +2 damage to animals and wild beasts. When you kill an animal, the meat will be tender and delicious.
  4. Technique: Mercy – When you hear someone say the words “please kill me now”, you may instantly kill them, no save.

Ψ - Low Brasilian

The infamous sword-style of the McIlleigh Company, intercontinental mercenaries who quashed uprisings in all of the Doggerlands’ colonies. Sometimes called “Killy-killy” by those with black senses of humour.
You might have learned it from a McIlleigh, or from a bloodstained confessional.
  1. Technique: Rose – If you miss an attack, you may flourish and immediately move 15’ in any direction.
  2. Technique: Carnation – Before you attack, your sword blooms with harsh red weirdlight – an enemy must save or be blinded.
  3. Stance: Careful Analysis – You can See HD and See AC.
  4. Stance: Manhunter – You deal +2 damage to humans. The scars of your weapons ache – the pain intensifies when you can see your victim, alerting them to your presence.

Ψ - The Method
Invented in the Shaylese wars by an anatomist-slash-evolutionist-slash-cannibal-expat named Shago. He was tasked with developing the perfect killing arts; allegedly, he learned how to turn a pile of meat into a living person, then performed the procedure in reverse.
You may have learned it from a veteran of the Southern Offense, or from a roan-bound journal.
  1. Stance: Efficiency – When you hit two successful attacks on the same target, you can make another for free.
  2. Technique: Humerus – When making an attack, you can lash out violently – target must save or have one of their arms (your choice) disabled for 1d6 days. You can fix that arm with a firm handshake.
  3. Technique: Sudden Cut – You draw your sheathed sword and immediately make one attack. You can do this before initiative rolls.
  4. Technique: Obliterate Dead – Obliterate a dead body; it cannot be identified by any means. Everyone who sees this happen must save or cower in fear. You can do this right as you land a killing blow.

Ψ - Lament
Discrete cloak-fighting style popularized by Irma of West Ordea, who attributed its invention to a fallen angel (she was, like her countrymen, a Paradisiac zealot). Practitioners of the style are employed by heads of House to quietly neutralize assassins at high society events. Nobles who study this style are thought paranoid. Requires a cloak or cape of fine quality.
You may have learned it from a very fancy bodyguard, or from a tome that fell from the sky.
  1. Technique: Clean the Blade – If you parry or avoid an attack with a weapon, you can wipe the weapon clean on your cloak to remove poison, oil, rust, and so on. If the weapon was magic, its magical properties transfer to your cloak.
  2. Technique: Charcuterie – You can sacrifice food or drink in your hand or on a nearby table to parry with d12. If someone gets food or drink on them from this, it will be the attacker.
  3. Technique: Waltz – Before you attack, you may trade places with someone in arm’s reach.
  4. Stance: Guardian – You may parry attacks directed at anything within arm’s reach.

Ψ - Volpe
An elegant, showy style, favored by criminals and rakes. The name belongs to a legendary thief from Algodoré, who has evaded capture, old age, and even death for several centuries.
You might have learned it from a retired footpad in a smoky room, or from a loose sheaf of papers.
  1. Technique: Daylight Robbery – When you could riposte, you can instead take an item from an enemy’s inventory.
  2. Technique: The Goad – When you make a successful attack, you can embarrass the target (such as by cutting your monogram into their clothes) - enraged, they will attack you next round if able. Fighters may save against this.
  3. Stance: Defense in Motion – While moving, you have +2 AC and can parry arrows and bullets.
  4. Technique: Call & Response – You may use another fighter’s technique immediately (at most one round) after they do.

Ψ - Flying Crocodile Kung Fu

A traditionally barehanded style from the Royce, the origins of which remain shrouded in mystery.
You may have learned it from a enthusiastic Royalist, or from a half-dozen half-translated scrolls.

  1. Stance: Always Armed – Your unarmed strikes deal double damage.
  2. Stance: Stolen Flight – You weigh as much as an eagle so long as you hold your breath.
  3. Technique: From Above – You may make a free attack with advantage against a target whose head is below you.
  4. Technique: Death Roll – You may forgo an attack to deal d10 damage to anything you’re holding with both hands. Massive foes may save for half damage.

flying crocodile kung fu


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