Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Working Through the Backblog

I am three months behind on blogging. Since then, 142ish blog posts have been linked on the GLOG server. In catching myself up, I decided for basically no reason at all to note my favorites: (i had a lot of favorites)


Knicks & Knacks: Not a Trap, Just Unsafe — The Dwarven Doorbell, in particular, is conceptually excellent.

Necromancer Killed Our Master Club: Weapons of Less Destruction — All bangers. My favorite is the Cursed Tome.

Owlbears and Chickenhawks: The West, The Waste — "If a man ride’s a horse, he is a bandit, or a servant of demons." Perfect. I will be stealing from this with gusto.

Whose Measure God Could Not Take: Never Should Have Been Built — This one's just begging to be fleshed out with a random table- roll for who controls Rewokie today/who's going to attack it tomorrow.

Impulsive Necromancy: Flooding Dungeons — trying to figure out ways to merge this with a setting with a defined rainy season. maybe all dungeons are flooding? maybe all dungeons are sunken structures that begin flooding as soon as they're unsealed, and they're all time challenges? how easily can you shake up an old dungeon floorplan by saying "oh its flooding btw"

Archon's Court: Isotelus Complex — I would read this Foundation book.

Journeying Jormungandr: Mortality is the Mother of Invention — Biomechanical Winch and Biofurnace are something I never would have thought of. Excellent. More necromancer-engineers please.

Mediums and Messages: Empathy and Class Design — Meta-commentary in the GLOGdom can be hit or miss. This one's a hit. Wonder if anyone took up the challenge.

The Whimsical Mountain: The Three-Legged Spider — Excellent. I'll be coming back to this one.

Robin Gibson: Black Helicopters, Faceless Cultists, and Inverted Pyramids — Eminently steal-from-able. Stigmata Girls is a good name for a breakcore album.

Dripping Tap: Rat Divinity — In addition to being an interesting fragment of play report, just some damn good writing.

Velvet Inks and Crystal Fires: Shining Rainbow Vehicles — Magic Words wizards don't usually stick to my brain, but this one is sleek like an otter.

Whose Measure God Could Not Take: OSR Podcasts — This is exactly what I was looking for.

Whose Measure God Could Not Take: Traps

Journeying Jormungandr: The Ark of the World — Lot of interesting ideas here.

The Mad Queen's Court: Helldelvers

The Furtive Goblin's Burrow: Goblin Auntie — Absolutely charming <3

The Nothic's Eye: Aclas Psionic — This class is peak Locheil, and not just for the 3 page A template with only a few sentences for B/C/D. I'd rather play/run this than any power point system.

Craggenloch Tribune: I HAVE LASER BEAMS COMING OUT OF MY HEAD — Takes the Aclas Psionic and runs hard with it.

Glass Candles: Right For The Wrong Reasons (Play Reports)

Numbers Aren't Real: For the Wise Ones to Record, for the Idiots to Learn 

Knicks & Knacks: Race as Composition — The new-ideas-to-time-spent-reading ratio is very high on this one.

Knicks & Knacks: Slushpost 1 — Interesting discussion of the purpose and place of temples in society. OH HEY NVM they expanded it into a full post! :D Knicks & Knacks: An Introduction To Temples in the Ancient Near East

Glass Candles: My Sky My Hour My Night — It is good to see people elaborating on The Bottomless Sarcophagus' work, and so well. (and, just as importantly, sharing the work of cool artists with each other)

Whose Measure God Could Not Take: Some Spells, Mostly Summons — I just want to note how fun it is to put "Caster Beware!" in a spell description. More spells should have those.

It seems this post also started a grimoire bandwagon (and I missed the damn thing! curses!)

Glass Candles: Live By Them, Die By Them — Tengus!

Glass Candles: 2023 Retrospective — I just plain enjoyed reading this. Hell yeah, good job doing stuff, congrats on the doggy :)

Shadows & Fae: MiniLOG and MiniDELVE / MiniREALM — Little rules for little guys. To zoom in on my favorite bit: "Draw 6 lines to represent passages. Lock 1, Hide 1." Huh. I guess it is that easy. Thanks, Hilander!

Archon's Court: More Of This Thing (Campaign Retrospectives) — Hey, I'm in one of these! Always neat to see DM-side retrospectives: what worked, what didn't. Fascinating stuff.

vaulting skies and emerald swords: Simple Skullcracking — :O <-- pictured: the twin frustration and joy of discovering a system that does what you want yours to do but cleaner and worded better. I like nio's writing btw, I think we're very samebrained.

Rogues' Repast: Spells for Carcosa

Numbers Aren't Real: Everybody Brings His Own Fire (Mesmerist) — There's a lot of good writing and new ideas here, but what stands out to me are the things that are stolen. There's an artistry to making something new with another person's idea, and deus has perfected it.

The Library of Attnam: Reaction

Numbers Aren't Real: Random Encounters by Stephen Crane

Impulsive Necromancy: The Master of Ropes — VERY excited to steal from this.

Knicks & Knacks: Three Sticky Notes

Tables/Generators :)


Who is this post even for? I guess it's for me, to prove to myself later that i can actually read

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  1. "This class is peak Locheil, and not just for the 3 page A template with only a few sentences for B/C/D."

    I *do* do that, don't I