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Celdaenni Domainthings


In Cath Celdaenn, each season is associated with a phase of the moon:

  • Spring is the season of Geas, the Blue Moon.
  • Summer is the season of Tigerna, the Titan Moon.
  • Fall is the season of Jove, the Harvest Moon.
  • Winter is the season of Nemesis, the Blood Moon.
  • Interstice is the period between Winter and Spring, during which there is no moon.

Each phase tugs at Creation in a different way: Travel is more dangerous under the Blood Moon. Magic is stronger under the Titan Moon. The Blue Moon favors lovers and knights.

Traditionally, Celds travel under the vast, bright Summer moon, and guard settlements thru the dark and dangerous Winter.


Celds trade in c, which stands for coins, or lowercase-c celds (because they are minted with the faces of famous Celds)

Coins in Cath Celdaenn are made of wood, tin, stone, gold, glass, etc etc etc. Coins are recognized not by material, but by temperature; City currency is supernaturally cold

In domain play, c stands for cows (worth ~10 coins). This is roughly equivalent to gp (ghost pots)

Road Quality

From worst to best:

  • Newly blazed trails are slow/confusing/dangerous to travel.
  • At upkeep, if the trail is well-used, it becomes a more straightforward path.
  • With an action, a path can be secured to become a road. Small settlements provide safe places to stay the night. Also, travel along secure roads can be mostly handwaved, allowing for Simple Visits.


Cath Celdaenn is "about" a cultural renaissance. Celds remember little of their own heritage, and must work to rediscover it. Tension between old and new traditions is important.

so i think Customs and Traditions should be something you can add to your domain as an action, like a kind of Asset. Stuff like:

Festival - Choose a season. Each year, the town hosts a festival worth [Temple x 25]c. You can contribute additional funds to the festival without an action.

where [Temple] is the level of the relevant Temple holding.


  • Each tradition you maintain gives 10(?) XP at upkeep
  • Some traditions have a bonus effect if you have Temple 2+
  • Traditions spread along secure roads between settlements. Higher Temple level = more aggressive spread

some sample Traditions:

  1. Necropolis - The dead must be brought, at great cost, to a specific ancestral burial site. If you founded this tradition, you choose the site.
  2. Berserkers - One in every twenty troops has a big personality, a heavy weapon, +1 attack per round, and is immune to cold and fear.
  3. Ideal Bodies - Shaved heads, long beards, strong calves, etc; the ideal Celd looks like this.
  4. Labor Unions - All district upgrades cost +20c, but Unrest is reduced by an additional [Temple]. If you founded this tradition, you can name the union leader.
  5. Fianna - You have access to twice as many levies in Summer, but no levies in Fall and Winter.
  6. No Flesh Forbidden - Celds will eat dogs, cats, birds, snakes, horses, and so on.
  7. Swords For All/Swords For None - Everyone carries a sword, or at least a dagger./Bladed weapons are forbidden to all. If you founded this tradition, you choose a class to exempt from this rule.
  8. Oracles - Receive omens of season events before they happen.

not entirely sure how exactly I'll use this idea

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