Friday, July 16, 2021

how to write like a gretchling

eschew conventional capitalization and punctuation; show the masses you care not for the grammar of mere mortals. Maybe you were in a hurry to feverishly jot down your amazing ideas. maybe you simply dont care; youre just that cool)

wax poetic. don’t write like this; instead, paint a word picture with eloquence befitting your intellectual standing, like so. Then give your audience tonal whiplash. Say the fuck-word sometimes, but not always, to communicate that you are in fact a rated-M-for-mature adult playing mature adult tabletop wizard games)

use obscure acronyms. refer to systems, subsystems, or variants of subsystems from games no one else remembers. Name-drop either Spwack, Sperkles, or Spumpkin; pretend you can tell their names apart. If some pleb could read and run your content without first taking a full lit dive thru the glogosphere, you aren’t gretching hard enough

Post half-baked ideas as a means of procrastinating on larger projects. Never refine them into playable content. This is the essence of GLOG

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