Wednesday, January 6, 2021



by Marko Mitanovski

The party meets an 8-to-18-foot-tall agent of chaos in the dungeon. What are they wearing? (Roll 2d6 once/twice)

(Sidenote: Demons are gender- and sex-fluid by default.)

11 - Gilded corpses with fused arms, worn as ear/lip/noserings.
12 - Haunted bone wind chimes hanging from neck-skin piercing. Sound incurs Save vs. above-ground drowning.
13 - Literally frosted tips.
14 - Chimeric leather skirt (blend of human and animal skin) that bleeds mercury when damaged.
15 - Torso piercing you can crawl through. Carries around a faithful, nude manservant inside.
16 - Skulls everywhere. You can never go wrong with skulls.

21 - Costume caricature of a Lawful Good-aligned god. Looks homemade.
22 - Billowing gown made of twitching feathers. Bleeds black and cheeps intermittently.
23 - Vorpal heels.
24 - Dress shirt composed of 1001 spell scrolls. Entire outfit has 1 in 216 chance of exploding. (Triple boxcars)
25 - Tasteful sunglasses.
26 - Rings made of other creatures’ fingers. Has a beholder’s array of touch attacks.

31 - Octuple-helmet-brassiere covering their rows of breasts. Harvested souls briefly inhabit the helmets and scream.
32 - Devilishly anachronistic suit and tie.
33 - Sewn lips. Speaks through corpulent avian familiar (1d4): lord emu; giant parrot; dire hummingbird; goose.
34 - Sentient ooze neck-pillow/seat-cushion. Demon is acid-immune.
35 - Subdermal implants the size of railway spikes. The demon is in pain, but that’s the price of fashion.
36 - Mammoth-head belt buckle. Primarily used for opening bottles.



41 - Choking perfume. Smells like old people and sleep paralysis. Save vs. hallucinations.
42 - Beard and mane flowing like a solar halo, radiating heat and light.
43 - Additional, seemingly sentient, extremely conventionally attractive human faces sculpted onto various body parts (2d4): center of chest, back of head, forehead, elbow.
44 - Sword through the neck. Demon doesn’t breathe or need their head to live.
45 - Is actually a tongue-shaped parasite wearing an entire other demon.
46 - Armless dress resembling an upside-down rose. If the dress is damaged, the demon’s arms are freed.

51 - Cranial bifurcation from the mouth up. Split is lined with teeth; adds a bite attack.
52 - Cloak of severed hands clasped in prayer (“moral camouflage”). Demon appears as Lawful Good for purposes of alignment-detecting magic.
53 - Bite shoes.
54 - Headdress depicting half of an epic blasphemy in bones. (It’s a couple’s costume. A demon on the floor below is wearing the other half.)
55 - Tryptophobia holes in the forearms containing (1d4): blacksteel spears; undead thralls; alcohol; BEES.
56 - Titanite horn-tips; protect the horns from wearing down against the ceiling.

61 - Medusa-head tongue piercing. Save vs. Petrifying Gaze whenever they open their mouth.
62 - Different crown on each of its spiraling horns.
63 - Angel-steel iron maiden around the head. (Only a Lawful Good creature can open the mechanism.)
64 - Delicate gossamer veil gliding across the floor. Creatures caught in the veil are stuck fast and consumed faster.
65 - Fractal wizard-trap robes. Spellcasters who see it Save vs. eating their own fingers.
66 - This shit. (See below.)

This shit


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  1. Now this, this is very good. Inspiring for art- if I had time at the moment.